Stag arrest

Stag Arrest

Strip & Pranks


So you’ve been wondering how to sweeten up your stag’s last moments of freedom but you simply can’t find something that would satisfy your twisted sense of humor while entertaining you and your friends? Look no further dear friend!

Imagine your friend’s face after being “arrested” by officers in the middle of your pub crawl for a disorderly behavior and taken to the police station which turns out being the hottest strip club in the town! Imagine what will go through his head during those painful moments while he’d be driven to the “police station” with a hood on his head!  This will simply be the night to remember regardless of the outcome!

 We provide:
  • fake police stag arrest

  • strip show

  • 1 Beer each

  • recommended after 20:00

  • our local guide

Price for group 320 / £ 300
People per group Min 6 / Max 25
Approximate duration 1 hour


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