Roly Poly stripper

Strip & Pranks


Oh la la, it is about the right time that we become myth busters and make some things clear in here! Who says only a skinny lady can make a good show? It is so not about the figure, when it comes to an action, perfect skills are the only thing that matters! Be seated and let one large lady provide a special strip show which you will never forget! If you are looking for something truly extraordinary for the upcoming stag party, better don’t skip this offer and book it right away.


What’s even better, the price is fixed per a group, so it doesn’t matter how many you are, actually, the more, the better! Budapest also deserves your visit and once you are in this capital make sure you will also do some sightseeing, because it is undoubtedly worth it. Brace yourselves for the best weekend of your lives!

We provide:
  • one large lady providing a special strip show

Price for group 160 / £ 150
People per group Min 1 / Max 40
Approximate duration 1 hour


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