Wanna know what it feels like to control tons of steel with hundreds of horsepowers? Accept our invitation to drive these unstoppable lethal machines! Have two mind blowing rides in two different tanks and a crazy half hour you won’t ever forget!


The activity includes fifteen minutes long rides in two different tanks, with one of you stag-doers driving these huge machines! Besides the crazy experience each of you’ll get two glasses of beer and goulash – the worldwide famous Hungarian meal! Of course, you’ll be accompanied by one of our wonderful female guides during the whole activity and provided with all the necessary equipment and instructions, as well as private transfer to and from the venue.

We provide:
  • Russian Cold War Ear Tank

  • 1 person can be driver

  • all equipment, instructor

  • whole preparation- full process takes about an hour

  • 1 beer

  • private transfer

  • our local guide

Price Per Person on request
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 3 hour


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