Lapdance Club Entrance

Strip & Pranks


Cologne is a great city for a stag weekend so you couldn´t choose any better. You are coming here to have the best time of your life and to give your groom some unforgettable moments. And the only thing you want to think about is enjoying your stay as much as possible.


So why to wait in the queue, search for a club or think where to go? Choose the lapdance entrance and come to the city as a star! You can be sure that you will skip all the people waiting and you will have a jump entrance.


Isn´t this as a image from a movie? The weekend you have been waiting for is finally here, so get ready for a ride of your life and enjoy every minute of your stay in Cologne!

We provide:
  • entrance fee to a lapdance club

  • our guide for one hour

Price Per Person 18 / £ 17
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 1 hour


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