Limo Hire

Nightlife, Transfer


Just imagine, how cool would it be to cruise the streets of Cologne with your friends and a bottle of bubbly in a super-luxurious limo? This is going to be a truly grand arrival to your chosen stag destination, something that would stick with you for a long time. There is nothing better than enjoying a super comfortable limo ride before or after admiring everything the city has to offer.


You will be spoiled by non-other than the king of all limos – Lincoln. The one hour transfer includes a bottle of bubbly and Limo’s capacity is limited to 10 people. Stag like a king and sign up for a Limo Lincoln Hire today!

We provide:
  • 1 hour limo Lincoln transfer

  • bottle of bubbly

  • max 10 pax

Price for group 333 / £ 312
People per group Min 1 / Max 10
Approximate duration 1 hour


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