500 balls

Guns & Bullets


If Picasso or Van Gogh were alive they surely would be big fans of this one – paintballing. Or they would be confused as what balls to paint. However, you and your friends on the other hand can grasp the artistry of this game much easier and throw yourself head over heels into this game of fun.


Play it indoors to be rather safe than dry with 500 balls each at your disposal and hope it is going to be your opponents that are going to end up like a new contemporary piece of art to be displayed in a Cologne’s National Gallery on demand.

We provide:
  • 500 balls each

  • safety equipment

  • instructor

  • 120 min playtime

  • full time guide

Price Per Person 81 / £ 76
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 4 hours


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