Party Boat Cruise

Chillout, Nightlife


Welcome to Germany where beer could run from taps instead of water and parties could last for days instead of nights. Cologne – how beautiful that sounds and how unpleasant it can turn into if you spend hours and hours on your feet walking, mapping and ticking the things you need to see. Give it a break. Take a boat. No jokes but a cruise boat to be precise.


Pack what could take days into a few enjoyable hours seated with your feet up and enjoy the best of the views that Cologne can offer you. The river Rhine has a panoramic view of city’s  must-see spots. Compile a group of six folks together to enjoy the 3 hour blister free touring in the fourth largest city in Germany. Sightseeing has never been more pleasant than now.


Please note that price depends on availability of river cruise so feel free to contact us to receive the best price offer for you and your group.

We provide:
  • party boat cruise with other party people for 3 hours

  • fixed start time at 20:00

  • available only on Friday

Price Per Person on request
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 3 hours


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