Booze Night

with 1 x Vodka



Coming to a different city, or even state for a stag party might get pretty tough, especially when it comes to creating the program. But don’t worry, you just come across the best option how to launch the perfect weekend! As you probably don’t know which spots are worth it to be visited, thanks to our three hour lasting pub crawl you will get a pretty good picture!


Our guide will accompany you throughout the whole time, showing you at least three best pubs, but as there is no maximum amount, if you are fast enough you can multiply this amount as you wish! Certainly, as it is not supposed to be just an ordinary walk, each one will get one vodka shot!


One shot is included, but who says you can’t drink as many as you are able to, or even one or two more? Don’t forget that such an extraordinary occasion asks for a proper celebration!

 We provide:
  • 3 hour pub/bar crawl

  • min 3 pubs

  • 1 vodka shot each

  • walking distance

  • our guide

Price Per Person 10 / £ 10
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 3 hours


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