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Stag weekend without a proper strip performance is like fancy car without an engine. If your groom is kind of shy pussy we are sure he will appreciate it even more. Usually grooms  to be they just pretend don’t want to see such a thing as they already made the biggest decision of their life however it is still a stag weekend, right?


Having a stripper over the stag weekend it is a MUST. Even though it might happen the groom would not feel very comfortable but we are sure the rest of the audience will enjoy it. You are in Poland! They have the one of the most hottest girls in the world! Just contact us and we arrange everything in order to make it unforgattable and legendary at the same time. No matter you wanna the performance in the morning, lunch time or before going to burn the city we just arrange it on your demand. You definitely won’t regret! Having a stag with strip performance is just a mandatory kick-off!

We provide:
  • one female stripper

  • our guide

Price for group 165 / £ 155
People per group Min 1 / Max 40
Approximate duration 15 min


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