Sexy Wake Up


Strip & Pranks


Gdansk is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland, that is for sure! You made the best choice that you picked it for your stag weekend. We are absolutely convinced you gonna have the best time with your groom here. There are many spots, kind of tailor made for stag activities and also some mandatory sighseeing as well. However you can’t forget the reason you all came here. It is the groom who is gonna shortly make a huge commitment.


So in order to keep some special secret for him during your stay in Gdansk and maybe also for some crew members „Sexy Wake Up“ is definitely the right one for this occasion. Imagine all of you hangovered like a hell and suddenly someone is knocking on your hotel room door and won’t stop until you open it. Then the hot chic dressed like a police officer or house keeper looking for her victim responsible for the mess. Believe us there is no better wake up call like this!


If accomodation not booked with us, permission of the activity in given hotel/apartment has to be checked with the manager of the property by the client.

We provide:
  • one female stripper to do a sexy wake up in a hotel room

  • our guide

Price for group 165 / £ 155
People per group Min 1 / Max 40
Approximate duration 15 min


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