Bubble football 90 min

90 min

Adrenaline, Chillout


A crazy combination of football and rugby, bubble football is the madman’s ultimate version of football! Be prepared to have your whole upper body covered in a jumpy, soft bubble protecting you from big hits, but also perfectly designed hitting your opponents hard (rugby-style) and seeing them flying around!


Your stag do will love this thing. We provide bubbles, a ball and our guide as a referee! The playing time is 90 minutes. Please bear in mind that transfer to the pitch is not included.

We provide:
  • max. 30 pax

  • bubbles

  • ball

  • guide/refferee

  • 1,5 hour play time

  • no transfer included

  • our guide

Price for group 809 / £ 758
People per group Min 2 / Max 30
Approximate duration 4 hours


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