This is like a paintball but less likely to leave any bruises and it is damage free so you won’t be scarred for your big day. Shiny, fluourescent, bright colours and your friends will experience a whole new episode of adrenaline risk. You will feel like a cheesy Star Trek hit your world with this in this action packed game.


The rules are simple and it is to tag with phasors to score points to ensure you are the one to stay alive. It will be as bright as any night out but this time you will be shooting your mates for fun. How many times you can say that was the case?

We provide:
  • 3 x 15 min laser game

  • all equipment

  • introduction

  • playfield reservation

  • full time guide

Price Per Person 33 / £ 31
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 3 hours


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