Enjoy a great tactic shooting game in Krakow! Pure fun with your mates, all without the painful side effects of paintball. Form teams, choose the right tactic and prepare for rushes of adrenaline as you storm the enemy’s territory with one simple objective on your mind – EXTERMINATE THE ENEMY.


We will take you to one of the Poland’s top airsoft facilities, with an experienced instructor and all the equipment you need. This will involve 2 hours of shooting fun and 300 bullets each to shoot the hell out of your friends. What’s not to like here?? We will also provide you with our lovely local guide and a private transfer to the warzone!

We provide:
  • guns & equipment

  • instructor

  • 300 bullets

  • 2 hours game

  • guide (full time)

Price Per Person 32 / £ 30
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 2 hours


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