Ford Excursion

Night Limo & Strip

Strip & Pranks, Transfer


Get a ride of your life for the stag do mayhem in Krakow! There are parties and then there are events that look like a party, but their ground-shaking nature forever changes the nightlife landscape in certain locations. And if you want to party big, you should prepare the stag do like it’s the last party before doomsday! We bring you a deadly combo of 2 essential ingredients for a savagely good doomsday party!


Get the lads together and tell them you have ordered a loooong Ford Excursion limo for as many as 12 passengers with your own chauffer and a hot local stripper to give you a private performance inside. They will make you king of the moon instantly! We’ll pack you with a bottle of bubbly too, just in case, and our sweet local guide will also be riding with you and charming the hell out of every bloke in your doom-squad!

We provide:
  • 1 hour limo – Ford Excursion

  • up to 12 people

  • strip show

  • 1 bottle of bubbly

  • our female guide

Price Per Person on request
People per group Min 1 / Max 12
Approximate duration 1 hour


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