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It’s time to finally discover what it feels like to shoot from a sub-machine gun! Enjoying Krakow is the easiest thing to do – one of the most beautiful cities to be found at the old continent attracts thousands of visitors for many reasons. Recreational shooting might not be one of them, but it can become a perfect complement to your exciting Krakow trip! Not only will you have time to enjoy the city’s wonderful atmosphere, you and your friends can get a strong power-boost before the throwing a great party at night!


Yes, the shooting is exciting and it can be real fun too! Especially with the amazing MP5 submachine gun, one of the most iconic weapons of urban warfare. You will have a 10 rounds to feel-out this bad boy. You will also have a chance to shoot from a devastating close range weapon – pomp-up action shotgun! However you can always start light and easy with 10 rounds from the amazing Glock pistol. Our lovely local guide will be at your disposal during the whole duration of the activity.

We provide:
  • 10 rounds MP5

  • 10 rounds Glock and 2 rounds pomp-up action shotgun

  • private transport

  • our lovely guide

Price Per Person 42 / £ 40
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 2 hours


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