Have you ever thought how Sherlock Holmes feels? You know either of them; one from BBC or Robert Downey, Jr. Eccentric yet neatest and most methodical of mankind as described by his devoted companion Watson.


How many times the situation looked desperate and impossible to be escaped from but his brilliance led them out of danger alive and almost unharmed (let’s be realistic here). Well this is your unique opportunity to embody Sherlock in all his glory and put yourself into his shoes apart from the live danger thing. We are more talking about intelligence and logic here, no explosions or horror scene.


Escape rooms in Munich are series of questions, clues and hints and in one hour you should make sure to have your wits on you to make sure you escape in time. More the merrier – in groups of maximum of 6 you can dust off your systematic thinking and hit the road Sherlock Holmes style.

We provide:
  • 60 min to find solution and way out

  • max 6 persons per room

  • real life escape game

  • our guide one-way

Price Per Person 37 / £ 35
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 1 hour


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