Lapdance Club Entrance

Strip & Pranks


Munich is a charming German city with incredible historical heritage and plenty of admirable sightseeing. I’m sure you are thinking something along the lines: ”Yeah that’s all very nice, but how about some entertainment?”  Well, dear stager, Munich is much more than your usual place to go sightseeing! The capital of the legendary Bavaria region is not only famous for its immense beer production, but also for the myriads of beautiful local woman you just have to see for yourself!


Lapdance Club Entrance is a stag classic for all fun-loving men out there. Celebrate your manhood in one of Munich’s top strip clubs in its beautiful city center! Our guide will be there to accompany you while you are enjoying one of your kinkiest trips ever!

We provide:
  • entrance to one lapdance club

  • our guide one hour

Price Per Person 13 / £ 13
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 1 hour


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