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You have chosen Munich as the best destination for a stag party and it is happening just during the widespread and famous Oktoberfest. What a coincidence, right?! Whether it was just a happy accident or elaborately made up plan, you couldn’t do any better.


This is the event when you will get the first-hand experience of an authentic atmosphere of the country! As this event is really something special in itself, you can’t just go there. You have to make it classy! Altogether with this deal, you will have reserved seating spots, two vouchers for beer (2 liters), one voucher for food to keep the balance, and certainly an entrance pass and guided hostess service in order not to get lost or miss something important.


This offer is made only for an afternoon, but make sure you have no other plans because you will not want to leave the place! As the price differs, please make sure to double check with us what a current price per person is.

We provide:
  • 1x reserved seating

  • 2x vouchers for beer (2 litres)

  • 1x voucher for food

  • 1 x entrance pass

  • guided hostess service

  • only on afternoon

Price Per Person on request
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration


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