Roof Climb Tour

& Flying Fox



Enjoy heights? This is your ultimate package to explore the most of the skyline in Munich. Climb the roof of the Olympic Stadium and get a feeling of what it was like to be part of the 1972 games and after enjoy their imfamous zip line to top up your skyline experience for a day.


You better be safe than sorry and make sure you are not scared of heights so you can enjoy this ultimate experience of how things look from a few meters above the ground. Suffice to say, they are smaller than one consider them to be.

We provide:
  • 120 min

  • safety instructions

  • tour across the tent roof of Olympic stadium

  • 200m Flying Fox

  • one-way guide will be provided

Price Per Person 111 / £ 104
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 2,5 hours

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