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Olympic Stadium



If you ever wonder when a roof was meant to be climbed Munich’s Olympic Stadium is the one to be visited. Venture the city’s most famous landmark on this roof climb tour of Olympic Stadium. Built for the 1972 games it is the old home of FC Bayern Munich and you can not give this a miss once you are in Munich.


Not only you are to experience the thrill of the stadium, the roof offers stunnding views of the skyline to be seen. It is probably mean to tell but surely you know that this is the place where England scored 5 – 1 over Germany that one time in 2001.

We provide:
  • 120 min, film screening

  • safety instructions

  • tour across the tent roof of Olympic stadium

  • one-way guide is provided

Price Per Person 66 / £ 62
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 2,5 hours


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