Wake up service


Strip & Pranks


Imagine you’ve partied hard like true stag kings, imagine you’ve rocked Munich’s nightlife, had some great fun and even some memories. And then imagine, afters such a crazy day and even crazier night, you would be woken up by a hot local stripper, performing seductive, hangover-killing show directly at your hotel, in your room. Sounds about right, doesn’t it?


The Stripper Wake up service is a very convenient package that’s going to make even the painful hangover morning look like a trip to heaven. Lasting for 15 minutes, you will get to see some German beauty in action right after you wake up!

We provide:
  • one female stripper to perform a show at the hotel room – 15 minutes

Price for group 222 / £ 208
People per group Min 1 / Max 30
Approximate duration 15 minutes


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