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Remember that popular funny game from festivals, in which people try to play soccer while trapped in a huge plastic ball? Or haven’t you heard about it at all? Well, bubble football is pretty similar to classic soccer, the player’s aim is to score as many goals as possible, except that the players in each team compete in a large transparent inflatable bubble that protects them from head to knees.


This amusing kind of football game is 1 hour long and fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy the whole match. And don’t you worry if you haven’t done this before, our instructor is prepared to show you how not to get injured and just have fun! Laughter guaranteed. Convinced yet?

We provide:
  • 1 hour bubble football game

  • 10-12 zorbs

  • all equipment

  • professional instructor

  • private transfer

  • our female guide

Price Per Person 50 / £ 47
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 1 hour


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