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Dinner & Roly Poly

Food & drink, Strip & Pranks


After days spent looking through thousands of options for a solid stag party, you are still not decided on how to provide your stag with the best weekend ever? At least everyone has finally agreed to take a few days off to come to Prague, but still some proper program is missing?


All right then. Here is the one and only chance to book something typical and way too extraordinary at the same time, so you better not miss it! First things first. Before anything else, lets satisfy your stomach with some first-class steak served with chips. You are gonna have 2 hour private table reservation in a restaurant situated in the heart of the city in order to truly feel its vibe.


There are also two beers included as every good meal requires something good to be drank with. Secondly, the breath-taking performance we have talked about. Are you familiar with roly poly? No? Yes or no, prank a groom-to-be a little and provide him a roly poly strip show, something he will probably experience just once in his entire life. Would you rather miss it or be part of this once-in-a-life-time event?!

We provide:
  • 2 hour table reservation in a city centre restaurant

  • steak

  • chips

  • 2 beers

  • roly poly strip show (15 min)

  • our female guide

Price Per Person 40 / £ 38
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 2 hours


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