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Finally the time has come! One of your best bros in the whole world decided to tie the knot after all! But being one of his best men brings along also certain responsibility and that is to throw the most unforgettable stag party he would not even dream of!


By choosing this offer, we will cover the entrance fee to one lapdance club in the city. At his point, you should consider that lapdance is one of those things, which a groom-to-be simply wants to experience, either for the first time in his life or for one last time before entering the bond of marriage.


Naturally the stag will get a table dance to feast his eyes on a lady charmingly wiggling to the delightful rhythm of the music! Even though the performance is mainly for his pleasure, none of the participants should miss a chance to look as well. In order to make it even better, everyone gets 5 beers. Cheers!

We provide:
  • entrance fee to one lapdance club

  • private dance for the stag

  • 5 beers each

  • our lovely guide for 2 hours

Price Per Person 40 / £ 38
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 2 hours


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