Have you already heard a bunch of information about how awesome the nightlife in Prague is supposed to be but have never been given the chance to have a first-hand experience? Well, these rumours which are getting around are true indeed.


However real it might be, you are not going to fall for it unless you go through it personally. Therefore we would like to offer you the entrance to one popular nightclub in Prague – for instance Double Trouble, Mecca, Nebe…


Given that all of them are pretty awesome, our guide is willing to help you choose the most convenient one for you. Not only the best DJs are frequently performing in those clubs, also one of the nicest girls in Europe have no regrets about throwing all their restraints away! And who knows, if you get lucky maybe one of them will have a crush on you.

We provide:
  • entrance to one popular nightclub in Prague – Double Trouble, Mecca, Nebe…

  • walk distance

  • female guide for 1 hour

Price Per Person 9 / £ 9
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 1 hour


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