Quad Biking Challenge



This is something you definitelly have to try and there isn´t any better opportunity than during the stag weekend. Book a fantastic Quad biking challenge and each of you will enjoy 30 minutes of driving the quad. Our local guide will pick you up with a private transfer and she will accompany you to the place. There will be an instructor waiting for you and you will be quickly instructted by basic rules that you have to follow. Maximum number of quads allowed on a track is 5-7.


Don´t worry everyone will get a chance to experience it on his own, just reserve enough time for this activity. The transfer time that you need to count with is 60 minutes and in some cases it can take up the whole afternoon. Contact us and we will make a reservation for you.


Explore the wonderful feeling during the ride and enjoy the adrenaline pumping wich will make you want some more. After the ride you can compare your results and enjoy a soft drink all together.


We provide:
  • 30 min driving each

  • instructor

  • 1 soft drink per person

  • max 5-7 quads on track

  • private transfer (60 min transfer time)

  • driving licence required

  • our guide

Price Per Person 87 / £ 82
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 2 hours


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