Tank riding & AK 47

BMP-1 Passengers & AK-47



For all adventure lovers or never grown-ups, there is a new super amazing activity during which you can feel like a real warrior! Experience with us a 30 minute long lasting adrenaline tank ride in BMP-1, which is basically one of the most popular soviet light combat tracked vehicles made in Czechoslovakia.


All guided with our professional instructor and our guide, who are prepared to protect your back. Are tanks difficult to maneuver? How fast can you go? Are you ready? Well, eventually, the decisive battle could be just beyond the horizon!

We provide:
  • 30 min adrenaline ride in BMP-1

  • instructor driving

  • 10 bullets AK 47

  • private transfers

  • our female guide

Price Per Person 98 / £ 92
People per group Min 12
Approximate duration 3 hours


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