Ultimate Stag Challenge



Get ready for a truly mad stag do affair in Prague!


Expect the unexpected with an iPad powered by a drinking software! Yes, that’s exactly right – each group of 6 brave chaps will be given an iPad with an app containing the map of the city and GPS locations. Our sweet local guide will be keeping you a sexy company during the whole adventure as each location will feature a different crazy task to fulfil.


Your job will be to reach these locations first and as soon as you discover them, a new quest will be unlocked. The motivation will be mighty – if you successfully complete the task, you can take one shot!


But don’t expect an easy night dear friend! This wild night adventure will for instance involve talking a random lady from the bar into exchanging your underwear or drinking a beer through a sock!


These and many other funny tasks are waiting for you to be discovered and completed in Prague’s top bars and pubs. Your courage and your charm will be your main weapons as you will seek to conquer one of the most amazing European cities and experience the craziest stag do challenge you have ever heard of!

We provide:
  • 2 hour ultimate game

  • The craziest, funniest, physically-challenging, knowledge and unique Stag Do challenges

  • iPad and material for activity for each team

  • 0,7 l of spirit during the activity (according to the activity rules) per every 6 people

  • 1 beer for each after the game

  • Entrance to the best Strip Club in Prague for everyone

  • Professional instructor

  • Lovely guide

  • photos, videos

Price Per Person 36 / £ 34
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 2 hours


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