What about dedicate some time of your stag weekend into sort of Las Vegas style? Does it sound exciting? Imagine how you dress yourself into the fancy clothes, put on the shiny boots and enter the casino accompanied by our local guide ready to try the destiny. You don’t need to travel over the ocean to sin city of Las Vegas just simply try luck in Sofia.  We are pretty sure you gonna have so much fun and laugh with your mates especially when it will be your first experience.


Trying either some Slot Machines or play Roulette, Blackjack, Poker and pretend being a card shark for a while. Be a seasoned gambler with excellent bluffing skills and leave like a rich boy…at least for the rest of the night since you have to keep in mind you came for a stag of one of your best friends who actually found luck in love.

We provide:
  • casino entry

  • our guide for 1 hour

  • walking distance

Price Per Person 8 / £ 8
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration unlimited


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