Sport Bar


Chillout, Food & drink


What if watching sports while having a dinner is no more prohibited? What if there is such a dream place in this world, where you are actually more or less asked to do that? Sounds pretty lovely, huh? Better start packing right now, you are about to have a two hour table reservation in the best sport bar in the city! While you will be served 2 courses of delicious meal, there will be a sport channel going on in a background and we are more than sure that they will change it to any program you are interested in.


It doesn’t matter whether you love tennis or you are more of a football guy, they have everything! What’s more, as everyone is aware that is pretty hard to fully enjoy a sport event without a drink, 2 beers for each are included. Don’t miss your chance to have such a lovely activity in your plans, everyone needs to eat and why don’t do it in style?

We provide:
  • 2 hour table reservation

  • 2 courses of delicious meal and 2 beers

  • our guide

  • walking distance

Price Per Person 28 / £ 27
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 2,5 hours


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