50 bullets

Guns & Bullets


Do you wanna make your stag even more adventurous and feel some adrenaline at the same time? Have you ever hold a real gun? What about trying 5 different kind of arms in approximately 3 hours but not just holding them? You can actually fire shotguns such as Glock, H&K, CZ75, 357magnum, Margolin 7.62mm and each of you have 10 bullets from each of them to your disposal. This activity is definitelly something extra-ordinary for your stag weekend and perfect for group of different ages.


Imagine yourselves learning how to hit the target. We guarantee you that your mates gonna love it since it is competitive and thrilling at the same time. You will have an amazing time together and your groom will never forget this wonderful experience you prepared him. Shoot a real shotgun can be a pretty ’buzzing‘ but  cool beer will definitely make you feel relaxed and ready for another adveture what night life in city of Sofia offers.

We provide:
  • 50 bullets from 5 guns – Glock, H&K, CZ75, 357magnum, Margolin, 7.62mm

  • 1 beer

  • our guide

  • private bus

Price Per Person 50 / £ 47
People per group Min 7
Approximate duration 3 hours


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