AK 47 & Shotgun


Adrenaline, Chillout, Guns & Bullets


Attention soldiers, you’re gonna get properly trained in order to be ready for combat! Have a tough manly experience and let them train you like a real soldier! First of all, they’re gonna teach you how to shoot from the scary looking Kalashnikov AK47 and even scarier shotgun (they’ll be extremely nice to you while you’ll be holding it) and then you’ll undergo a proper military training!


The activity includes shooting of 60 bullets from the famous Kalashnikov, 10 bullets from a shotgun and military training. At the end of the activity the best soldiers of you will be awarded special medals!

We provide:
  • 60 bullets from AK47 and 10 bullets from shotgun

  • military training,

  • medals for winners

  • our guide

  • private transfer

Price Per Person on request
People per group Min 7
Approximate duration 3 hours


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AK 47 & Shotgun Gallery

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