Booze Night

with 5 x Vodka



Have you been chosen for the most honoured position you might get in connection to the wedding? Does your friend believe you enough to let you plan his whole stag party? Are you trying to come up with the best weekend plans one can possibly think of? Are you looking for something to start with? Well then ding dong, we have a perfect match here! Keep in mind that not everyone is a party man from the bottom of his heart and some people simply need to be in a certain level of alcohol in order to break loose.


This 4 hour pub/bar crawl will undoubtedly prepare all of you for anything the night might bring! Naturally you are not going to spend those hours just walking around, wandering the streets hence you will visit minimum of three pubs and will be given 5 vodka shots per each one of you! Bottoms up and let’s get the party started!

We provide:
  • 4 hour pub/bar crawl, min 3 pubs

  • 5 vodka shots each

  • our lovely guide

  • walking distance

Price Per Person 22 / £ 21
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 4 hours


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