Party Bus

Upgrade Unlimited Drinks

Nightlife, Transfer


Join this crazy activity and let us show you that public transport doesn’t have to be that boring – on the contrary – it can be more fun than you could ever imagine! If you want a proof just get on our special party bus and cruise the amazing city of Warsaw partying hard on its board! The bus has all you need for a proper party – great music, dancefloor and most importantly – an open bar with a bartender who’ll pour you as much booze as you want for free!


Whisky, vodka, gin, wine or soft drinks – there’s enough booze for everyone and its consumption is unlimited (putting aside your personal limits you might or might not take into consideration). Of course, a lovely female guide can’t be missing in action and if you’d like to have more beautiful girls on board, you can upgrade the activity by inviting a hot stripper, too!

We provide:
  • party bus – 1 hour open bar

  • unlimited whisky, vodka, gin, wine

  • soft drinks

  • female guide

Price Per Person 12 / £ 12
People per group Min 6
Approximate duration 1 hours


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