Quad Biking Competition

60 min



Based both on our previous experiences and your feedback, we have created this tailor made activity for everyone who is searching for some action. This brand new activity will cause you a true adrenaline rush! And by that, we don’t mean any common and boring time spending with your friends, but we are talking here about enjoying the 10 km track ride, meaning 60 min drive for each person. How cool is that, huh?


As a true action has to be somewhere outside, enjoying all the beauties Mother Nature has made for us! In order to do so, maximum 5 – 6 quads will be driving in the forest in the same time. Certainly you will be given all the safety equipment and a skilled instructor will keep an eye on you, so the only harm you can get is the one, which will hit your confidence by being overtook by other competitors!

We provide:
  • 60 min drive each (10km track)

  • max 5-6 quads driving in the forest

  • safety equipment

  • instructor

  • guide

  • private transfer

Price Per Person 83 / £ 78
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 2 hours


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