40 bullets

Guns & Bullets


Are you supposed to make your best friend a custom made stag party which is supposed to satisfy all his needs, but you can’t find anything he would be interested in? Are you looking for truly manlike activity, something different to all the ordinary things everyone is always picking for such an event? Then keep on reading, you have just found a perfect match! If you prefer “Die Hard”, movie pumped up with sweating Bruce Willis, action and guns, to any American comedy, you will appreciate what we are about to offer!


40 bullets, 4 different weapons, instructor and a best time spent with your friends. Interested in finding out more details about this special offer? You will get pistol Smith & Wesson 622, Steyr M9, sport rifle M4 and AK 47, the best guns to prove everyone you know exactly how to use them! Brace yourselves and prepare for shooting!

We provide:
  • 40 bullets

  • 4 different weapons – pistol Smith & Wesson 622, Steyr M9, sport rifle M4, AK 47

  • instructor

  • our guide

  • private transfer

Price Per Person 63 / £ 60
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 2 hours


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