Shooting WW2

World War 2

Guns & Bullets


Fortunately none of us was forced to have a first-hand experience of WW2, but for those of you who would be interested in guns and would like to find out which of them were used back then, this is your unique chance of trying so! Driven by either private transfer, you will have an opportunity of shooting from different weapons from World War 2, namely pistol TT, submachinegun PPS, rifle SWT40 and Mosin.


Under supervision of a well-trained instructor, you will be given 28 bullets to show off a little! Let’s make this stag party a bit different and show to the future groom that is not always only about women or alcohol, but you can have a whole different mankind type of activity! Besides, who says you can’t have everything all together? Enjoy the shooting when the sun is still up and then let off some steam, having few drinks after the sun goes down!

We provide:
  • 28 bullets

  • 3 different weapons from World War 2 – pistol TT, submachinegun PPS, rifle SWT40, Mosin

  • instructor

  • guide

  • private transfer

Price Per Person 70 / £ 66
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 2 hours


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