Lesbo Show


Strip & Pranks


Every single person who is invited for a stag party has certain expectations and hopes about what could be happening there. The equation here is simple, a lot of alcohol together with good friends and possibly some naked women equals proper farewell party to the freedom for the groom-to-be. Even if some guys are saying they are good with just with a weekend spent with all the bros, the truth is, everyone has some secret wishes which he wants to come true!


Undoubtedly, two strippers performing a lesbo show are definitely going to satisfy even the deepest and unspoken ones! If you are searching for something extraordinary and really seldom to be seen on daily basis, you should mark this activity with the highest importance. What happens on a stag party stays on a stag party and even though you might not be sharing this experience with your closest ones back home, for sure you will remember it forever!

We provide:
  • two strippers to perform a lesbo show

  • guide

Price for group 300 / £ 282
People per group Min 1 / Max 40
Approximate duration 15 min


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