Sexy Wake Up


Strip & Pranks


Waking up in the morning after a hard night spent in the clubs is no-one’s favourite activity. Whether you are ashamed for what happened day before, you can’t even remember, or you simply have the worst hangover ever, there is actually one way of getting up happy. Do you remember the times back then when every Saturday morning you used to be woken up by your parents announcing you the breakfast is ready to be served?


Well, this time it gets much better, as the wakeup call will be provide by a beautiful female stripper directly in your hotel room, and you can bet it is gonna be sexy! It is obvious that every stag party needs to include certain sort of an adult fun such as naked ladies, but make this one bit different and have a private one. Wake up to the morning where you don’t have to stop dreaming!


If accomodation not booked with us, permission of the activity in given hotel/apartment has to be checked with the manager of the property by the client.

We provide:
  • one female stripper to do a sexy wake up in a hotel room

Price for group 150 / £ 141
People per group Min 1 / Max 40
Approximate duration 15 min


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