Archery Tag package

Archery tag + Disc golf package

Adrenaline, Guns & Bullets


Recently Archery tag is becoming more and more well-known and famous activity for stag weekends. For you choosing Wroclaw as the place for your legendary stag partying we offer an hour full of fun and excitement for at least 10 of you since this is the minimum number of participants. You can definitely expect competitive atmosphere during the game.


Why? Your stag crew will be divided into 2 groups playing opposite to each other separated by safe zone. Bows and foam-tipped arrows will be provided to all of you of course along with the facemask which is the only safety equipment you need to be protected with. This combat sport itself is not dangerous for anybody hence we highly recommend it for stag groups having members of all age. Apparently, it is gonna be a first time for most of you experiencing this ultimate fun thus you will be briefed by all the necessary instructions.


We are pretty aware that an hour of Archery tag may not be enough and you might need some more time to satisfy your rivalry temper therefore we offer this package with additional 30 minutes dedicated for Disc golf. So there is not time for hesitation! Archery tag together with Disc golf is waiting for you!

We provide:
  • 1 hour archery tag game and 30 minutes of disc golf

  • all safety equipment and instructions

  • our guide

  • private transport

Price Per Person 53 / £ 50
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 3 hours


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