Archery tag

Archery tag

Adrenaline, Guns & Bullets


Most probably you haven’t heard about Archery tag yet however this activity is the latest crazy combat sport which guarantees so much fun…and for sure there isn‘t better occasion to give this game a shot than during your stag weekend, right? You don’t have to worry much about the rules since you are gonna be provided with all the instructions before the action takes its place. But let us give you some more insight into it anyway.


How is Archery tag actually played?! First of all you need 10 participants at least which will be divided into 2 teams playing opposite to each another separated by so-called safe zone. You will be rearmed by bows obviously and foam-tipped arrows by which you need to tag your enemies. Of course the safety quipment which is basically the facemask only will be at your disposal so as you can see this sport as such is safe enough. The game itself lasts approximately an hour and definitely offers unique excitement for every stag crew member of any age. So don’t miss your chance and book the Archery tag!

We provide:
  • 1 hour archery tag game

  • all safety equipment and instructions

  • our guide

  • private transport

Price Per Person 39 / £ 37
People per group Min 10
Approximate duration 1 hour


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