Lapdance Club

with Dance for Stag

Strip & Pranks


Nowadays every good bachelor party goes hand in hand with a visit of lapdance club. You wanna make it as great as possible for sure, so to have it included into your itinerary is a must. Start your ultimate bachelor weekend in Wroclaw the right way and book a lapdance club with a dance for your stag. He is about to make a huge step in his life and this might be his last chance to experience a dance of a pretty Polish lady.


Those girls are well known for their beauty so you absolutely can´t miss it. He deserves an amazing time so let us help you to plan a great program and make your stay unforgettable. And what is included in the package: entrance fee to one lapdance club, 1 beer for each of you and one dance for the stag. Our local guide will accompany you as well, so hurry up and write us right now!

We provide: 
  • entrance fee to one lapdance club

  • 1 beer each

  • one dance for the stag

  • our guide for one hour

Price Per Person 16 / £ 15
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 1 hour


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