Paintball Outdoor

with 500 balls

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Outdoor paintball with 500 balls is the biggest package that we can offer you in Wroclaw. Don´t count the balls, you won´t spend them so quickly and this ammo will remain you for a while!  So lets sum up what you can actually expect; 500 balls, safety equipment and professional instructor, who provides you the necessery rules and instrutions to follow. This is not going to be a computer game, it will hurt but you will still enjoy it!


Show your other mates that you are real man and you can survive some pain. The groom might have some memories on his body but come on, there is still enough time until the wedding, it will disappear. Enjoy the landscape and find out why everyone loves this game so much, just do your best to stay in the game as long as possible. And don´t forget that your stag might wear a nice big and colourful costume to enjoy the game even more!

We provide:
  • 500 balls

  • safety equipment, instructor

  • our guide

  • private transport

Price Per Person 61 / £ 58
People per group Min 8
Approximate duration 2 hours


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