VoxTravel Team

Our services wouldn‘t be so high leveled without our great team. We are a group of friendly people who are always ready to help and we think positively because for us, everything is possible.. The company values are at the heart of everything and they help us to achieve our goals. A friendly attitude and optimistic approach can solve every challenge! Our professional team is ready to help and to bring the best that you can imagine. The communication is the base of everything so we are very sensitive in external and internal approach to the people to constructively solve all the requests. Everyone knows that sharing ideas and working together can help us to create a family. Sharing of a common ideology is forming a corporate culture and that´s the way how we work on our own. Only if you take responsibility for your tasks and performance, you can guarantee the best results. We are team players willing to help our colleagues and others who need it.

Juraj Volentics

Managing Director
juraj.volentics@voxtravel.com +421 948 081 357

Juraj is a new managing director since 2017. He had comes to the company as a experienced manager with a proven sucess in managing of various projects in areas of sales, media, music and events industry. His objective is to implement the new ideas and "fresh wind" into to company. His life motto is simply: "Be positive. What's in your mind, that's how your world looks like."

Matej (MD Matej) is here to run it all and be responsible for all, lucky him. :) He is the creative brain in the team and comes up with new and cool ideas that keep our company always up-to-date with current trends. He is a big beer and whiskey lover and his sense of humour will crack you up every time. Cheers boss!

Veronika Lukáčová

Head of Sales
veronika.lukacova@voxtravel.com +421220620142

From the position of the team leader I became the Head of Sales. I enjoy all forms of exercises and sports. I play tennis, squash and in the summer I love cycling. My favorite activity is traveling and meeting new people. I picked up my experiences in Scotland, where I was for almost nine years.

Jaroslav Baláž

Team leader - Marketing Manager
j.balaz@voxtravel.com +421220620116

Jaro is the right hemisphere of our Marketing Team. His work is irreplaceable. Nice evening with a bottle of fine vine is his time of the day. He is our ''little miss sunshine''. Jaro will help you anytime with anything.

Mariana Knotková

Team Leader - Finance & HR team
mariana.knotkova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 23

Mariana  is a team leader of the economic department and her responsibility is financial operations of the company. She likes theater and culture.

Jaroslav Baláž

Team leader - Marketing Manager
j.balaz@voxtravel.com +421220620116

Jaro is the right hemisphere of our Marketing Team. His work is irreplaceable. Nice evening with a bottle of fine vine is his time of the day. He is our ''little miss sunshine''. Jaro will help you anytime with anything.

Jana Meszárosová

Marketing Specialist
jana.meszarosova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 16

Janka is our new Marketing Specialist. She brings freschness, aesthetic and a “woman´s” sensibility to new projects. Janka has also been folk-dancer, now she devolves dance experience on children an adults in dancing school. She is serial-cinephile and she´s interested in everything about design and DIY.

Mariana Knotková

Team Leader - Finance & HR team
mariana.knotkova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 23

Mariana  is a team leader of the economic department and her responsibility is financial operations of the company. She likes theater and culture.

Andrea Takáčová

Head of Accounting
andrea.takacova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 23

Andrea works precisely, even one cent can not miss. She likes her job, numbers are her life, the position “head of accounting” is her dream job.Even though she is conservative, she does not stop trying new things. Her two little kids are filling her free time.

Lucia Dvončová

Senior Accountant
lucia.dvoncova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 0113

Lucia completes the finance team with a dose of wisdom and humor. If you want to know anything about invoices and payments, she's the right person. She designs different improvements to ease the "working suffering" of herself and her colleagues :-). Mountains and skis are her second love.

Katarína Oravcová

Senior Accountant

Katarina is inseparable part of our economic department. Her work includes invoicing for clients. With her positive outlook on life and towards work she makes our everyday work routine more enjoyable. When you may see a smile on her face? When she can precisely identify payments from our clients :) Her passion besides her husband is her daughter and her dog. 

Hi, I´m Jana! As a HR Manager I´m responsible for all HR processes that you can imagine :) That means hiring, adaptation and motivation, development and trainings, rewarding and benefits, payroll, etc.People are the most important for us that´s why we gave them space for self-realization and self-development. Also, we have a lot of benefits!Would you like to become part of our team? Feel free to contact me!

Lucia Ďuríková

Office Manager
lucia.durikova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 10

Missing piece of finance & HR team finally came in july. Lucia is the devil's left hand and with her possitive attitude and smile she can manage impossible in minutes and miracles in 3 days :) She is also taking care of our healthy lifestyle with her garden product.

Dagmara Urbančíková

Team leader - Czech team
dagmara.urbancikova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 21

Dagmara moved from the position of the event manager to the position of the team leader. She is a true proffessional, used to taking care of big events for hundreds of guests. If you stop by in Barcelona, you might find her there, as this is her most favourite city to relax in.

Gabriela Štefaničková

Senior Event Manager
gabriela@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 20

Gabriela joined the company as Sales and Booking Manager for all the destinations but as the company expanded and grew bigger, she became part of Czech team. Not only that she is taking care of Prague but Prague is actually one of her favourite cities to relax in. She loves art, so in her spare time you might find her somewhere in the countryside, painting pictures.

Iveta Drabišinová

Senior Event Manager
iveta.drabisinova@voxtravel.com +421 2062 01 40

Ivetka is our hotel guru, anytime there is a good offer on sale,  she exactly knows how to close the deal. Her favourite season is summer so there is no wonder you can find her sunbathing somewhere by the lake in our city 😄

Lívia Brezinová

Event Manager
livia.brezinova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 20

Livia is our newest team member but in no way she is a junior, her past customer service experience makes her the perfect Event manager at the right place. She loves to crack a joke or two, therefore thanks to her our office is always a fun place to be 😄

Michaela Butašová

Event Manager
michaela.butasova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 43

Michaela is the newest member to our Czech team. She is learning every day from the situations and she has fell for the job of Event manager. She is passionate about ZUMBA and loves to dance.

Žaneta Kurcinová

Event Manager
zaneta.kurcinova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 15

I´m the newest Czech team member on Event Manager position. I lived in London and Sydney. I like traveling, art and reading books. I enjoy to organize trips and all the stuff around for friends anytime, anywhere.  

Diana Matlúchová

Event Manager
diana.matluchova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 27

Diana is the newest team member of our Czech Team. She loves to organize so this job is the right choice for her. If you need to plan your stag/hen party feel free to contat her, anytime.

Karin Mesiariková

Event Manager
karin. mesiarikova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 21

Karin is the newest member of our Czech team. There is no wonder she joined particularly this team, as she used to live in Prague for almost 3 years. She loves animals and good wine so in her spare time you will probably find her walking her dog or relaxing with a nice glass of red. Or both. :)

Silvia Beličková

Team Leader
silvia@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 25

Silvia is in charge of our team, having to take care of all our requests, attending meetings and manage it all at once. She is kind but very professional team leader, just the right boss you would love to have.

Barbora Kmeťová

Senior Event Manager
barbora.kmetova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 29

Barbora is the right person for everyone seeking for a party in Hamburg. She is an expert for organizing perfect night outs for stags but also groups of friends who want to enjoy night life in her favourite destination- Hamburg. In her free time she prefers relaxing with book on her knees. Barča also loves dancing, good wine and as many of our other girl members- shopping 😄 She loves her family and us- her friends 😄 her biggest dream is to travel through the whole world.​​​

Ivana Šturdíková

Senior Event Manager
ivana.sturdikova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 24

Ivana is a huge moral support for everyone on the team. She has been in the company for more than a year so she knows how to keep calm and deal with everything. Ivana loves horse riding and singing. She is the mood-lifter and free-hugger of everyone who is in stress, or simply everyone in the office 😄

Martina Konečná

Event Manager
martina.konecna@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 44

Martina is very precise at her work, she puts big emphasis to details, nothing misses her eye. She loves shopping and she pretty much "infected" the whole team with it.  Martina also loves Budapest - that is why the parties in Budapest are always legendary- they are well prepared and organized. In her free time Martina walks her baby dog and chills with friends.

Lucia Pospíchalová

Event Manager
lucia.pospichalova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 41

Lucia loves travelling, having spent a year near Amsterdam made her fall in love with the city for both its fun and culture, that is why she is pretty happy to take care of parties in this city. She loves spontaneous decisions and unplanned actions. Lucia is also responsible for Hamburg parties, she is not afraid of any problem and solves everything very responsibly and quickly. Her free time she mostly spends with her dog, that she adores, and cats, rats and fish.

Martin is a former professional partyman, everyday was a partyday. He had some rough nights in Prague, Budapest, Brussels, Sunny beach, Zrce beach or even Miami, but his main location has always been his home town Bratislava.He is nowadays taking use of his experience to organise the most legendary Stag/Hen weekends for you. But dont worry, he also knows how to relax. If you are planning to have a great time with your friends in a wellness or enjoy a delicious dinner, he will be glad to assist you with that. So write him an email, hop on the plane and let him do what hi is good at.

Alžbeta Voleková

Event Manager
alzbeta.volekova@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 0110

Betka as one of the most enthusiastic people in our team is a pro in Polish and mostly Bulgarian destinations, where she together with her local teams experiences only the best feedbacks due to flawless preparation of parties. Her free time she usually spends actively by skiing, hiking and meeting new people during hitchhiking. She is very responsible and you can rely on her with anything.

Tomáš Jevčik

Event Manager
tomas.jevcik@voxtravel.com +421 2 2062 01 19

Tomas has great critical thinking which makes him an awesome Event Manager. He loves travelling and organizing all kinds of events and trips. If you are thinking about having your amazing party in Berlin, Munich or Cologne, Tomas is your guy. He is a sport enthusiast and is very active. His favourite sports are CrossFit, yoga, fitness, but he also loves swimming, running, ice-hockey and his biggest passion - football. Tasty burgers, good coffee and TV series are his things.



Local Coordinator

Favourite Bar: Klikk Bistrobar Favourite Drink: Palinka (The Hungarian Spirit) Life Motto: "Feelings change, but memories don't!" Spending an amazing weekend together and create memories you will remember forever!



Favourite Bar: Instant Favourite Drink: Cold Beer(s) Life Motto: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."



Favourite bar: Fogasház Favourite drink: vodkasoda Life motto: "Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else." (Margaret Mead)



"There are two types of people in this world, good and bad. The good sleep better, but the bad seem to enjoy the waking hours much more." Woody Allen
I 'm not as normal as I seem to be. :D

Barbora Stražanová

Project Manager
barbora.strazanova@voxtravel.com +421 948 500 488

Barbora is the latest  addition to Vox Travel crowd. Being responsible for Corporate Events, she does her best to bring a touch of uniqueness to everything she organises,  from unforgettable teambuilding to original Christmas party. She prefers to spend her free time in an active way, from skiing in winter to paddle boarding in summer. She loves her animals, travelling and anything connected to arts and culture.

Zita Kováčová

Project Manager
zita.kovacova@voxtravel.com +421 948 500 488

Zita, after she traveled the world as an air hostess, has decided to land in VOX TRAVEL to support corporate events team. She always tries her best to meet your expectations and make your company event unforgettable. Being a very social person she spends her free time on different lifestyle events with her friends, on family gatherings or she simply enjoys her  glass of chilled prosecco in a local bar. Meditations and theater help her to recharge her batteries.